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Investors rely on our management team for its fully integrated, hands-on approach.

Led by founder and CEO Dean Stratouly, all aspects of Congress Group’s projects are directly managed in-house by a highly skilled team of specialists.  Trusted clients and investors have come to rely on our management team for its fully integrated, hands-on approach, ensuring that each and every project benefits from a thorough evaluation of opportunities and complexities, and a subsequently unique, value-enhanced business plan.

The depth of our team’s market knowledge, due diligence and local relationships has led to a significant track record of success. This level of in-house control translates to greater project transparency, shorter timeframes, and better quality control than can be realized using third-party contractors. It leads us to success on projects that prove too complex or ambitious for other developers. Not surprisingly, our record of profitability goes hand in hand with our reputation for on-time, on-budget delivery.


Dean Stratouly

President & CEO

Ken Scott

Chief Financial Officer

Paula S. Phillips

Executive Vice President of Operations

Leo Sullivan

Senior Associate/Analyst

Paul Monzione


Christine Jackman

Administrative Director

James M. Apodaca

Senior Vice President/Construction

Kim M. Rubin

General Council

Kevin Daly

Senior Vice President Capital Markets


Joseph R. Farrell lll

Senior Vice President/Project Director

Derek R. Knauss

Construction Manager

Alexandra Stratouly

Project Manager


Max Stratouly

Senior Project Manager